Why Are You So Hot For This Boy?

You like skinny guys?

Something about that accent turns you on?

You like a man who has a Labrador?

You're just dying to get that crown?

You want a wardrobe like Diana's?

Good way to stay off food stamps?

He's just cute?

He has that way of projecting into the camera?

You love those blue eyes?

You love those green eyes?

He's a guy and you're a guy?

He's a guy and you're a girl?



It's a free ticket to "Spiceworld" and your mom won't let you go?

He looks like that guy you're scared to talk to in class?

He's more fun than doing homework?

He's cooler than Taylor Hanson?

You figure anybody who looks that good in a tux can't be all bad?

It's an excuse to meet his brother?

You just wanna scream?

It's an insult to your entire wardrobe that he doesn't pay attention to you?

You wanna prove to the world you're better-looking than Baby Spice?

He's a Brit and he's not for export?

You figure maybe Di left a few of those short skirts lying around?

You just want those credit cards?

Hogging the TV during Diana Week was a good way to pay back your brother for all those football games?

You really want carpal tunnel from waving?

You're sure blonds have more fun, even if they're umbilically attached to those bodyguards and backup cars?

It's just something about that uniform?

You want your grandmother to see you in the papers?

You want to deprive Zara Simonds (or however it's spelled) of having any fun in life whatsoever?

You've burned through all the smart boys in your school?

He's just royalty?

You figure he knows what he's doing?

You figure he doesn't?

You just want to look good with somebody?

It's a free ticket to go see Diana's grave?

You mean there's something else?

I don't want to hear it....Aaaaagh!!!!!

How does he put up with all this?

For laughs, maybe? Oh well. Nice to know it's all useful. Anybody got any guesses about why the one who gets him will want him?