One Last Whup-Up on William

Except for the fiction and a few other things, I'm promising myself I'm going to give myself some breathing room from this section of the site for a few months.

So I'm just going to pick at William for all he's worth. Get it out of my system. And go work on something else.

I have no proof. But I have this strange feeling. William is out there on the Net somewhere. I believe I know where.

Repeat. I have no proof. None. Just a feeling. I will not reveal where. Sorry. But he can be caught.

If he is who I think he is, he is making no attempt to reveal himself. He is having fun. And apparently fooling a lot of people.

It's based on the attitude of the person. The way they phrase things. And a few other little clues. If you do your reading and studying on royalty, I believe you can catch it.

This person is in some ways very sixteenth-century. Very. But not in an obvious way. The language play is nuts. Very literary. And very, very sneaky. Cute.

William, I am speaking directly to you. If I am wrong, sorry. If I'm right, I'm still trying to puzzle out the details of how you're pulling this off. Nice. Very cute. And a smart trick. But it just looks too much like a sneaky, underhanded Windsor-style trick.

Much applause is due.

I am treating your identity and other information as carefully as though I were Aaron with those stacks of emails that are (no longer, of course) on his hard drive.

You want to identify yourself, you can. I won't do it for you.

That would ruin the whole thing, wouldn't it?

Sorry, girls. You won't get it from me. Go figure it out for yourself. Any postings or mails on this subject will be ignored and/or deleted. I caught him through sheer brains. You've got brains too.

I evaluate the probability of this being William as at least 96%. I have given a wealth of information on this site on how to immerse yourself so thoroughly in analysis of the situation that you can figure this guy out. And if I'm wrong, I'm at least ready for the next possibility.

Beautiful, William, beautiful. So obvious once you see it, so plumb stupefying if you don't.

And you had me fooled there for a while.

Go find him for yourselves. Oh God, this is funny.....

The more I think about this, the more obvious it gets. I could be leading myself down a blind alley.....but.

I have this feeling. I just have this feeling.

God, what a sneak!

Tudor England.
The Victorian Web.
The British Monarchy Official Site.
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I have been pondering this matter over the last few days and believe I detect some other influences in William's writing as well. He is obviously a native speaker of that branch of British English I will label as Windsor English -- a small royal dialect probably properly spoken by maybe 8 to 10 people within the royal environment. A language of power. I also do believe I pick up some of what I call "Westminster flip," a high-level British dialect used by various Prime Ministers as well as other people in power. For fun, listen to some tape of Tony Blair and John Major. Then flip on C-SPAN (here in the States), listen to Parliament go at it, and see if you can pick up the intonations. Whoever is speaking this dialect is up for some serious positions of influence. It seems to be that way. You will find no more than a trace (interestingly enough) of what I used to call "Princess Dialect." She had a distinct way of speaking and writing (had no clue the Andrew Morton book was a leak, did we?) that was passed on to Harry, William, maybe a couple of staff people, and a whole bunch of people in her immediate environment. Listen to the Panorama interview, read texts of hers that are known to be hers, and then scan various writings about her and interviews and comments by her friends. You'll figure out real quick who was clued into the Princess' scene and who wasn't. And, just for the curious, there is a spoken intonation to "Princess Dialect" as well. That famous "thank you so much" soundbite (which can be found on Aaron Gilmer's site on the multimedia page) shows that he had less than 20% retention rate on that dialect by the time that was taped. Putting Mummy behind us, were we? It was really scary. This kid was getting on with life. Whether it was done consciously or not, I found none of the linguistic and phonetic twirks that marked the Princess' native speech, and that of those around her. Hmmmm.....interesting political connotations.....and you could spot PD in leaks up until about six months before she died, leaks/quotes/whatevers that might very well be traceable back to William (it gets dang complicated here, and requires more than one scoresheet to keep up with).

I pick up a few other languages here. In addition to the Latin and the Greek training he is supposedly getting at Eton, is somebody teaching him some Biblical Hebrew? I've seen a couple of passages that positively reek of the swinging way Hebrew makes its transitions. I'm also wondering how much German (baseline dialect, probably -- maybe a bit of capital city twist) and Russian (and is whoever teaching him from the Ukraine?) as well. Give me some time to get some links up. These are fascinating languages. I also pick up hints (actually, more than hints) of what I call "McDonald's dialect." McDonald's dialect, also possibly known as CNN speech, is a variant of American English that you will find spoken by natives starting at about the Massachusetts border down through the Atlantic states (never heard more than a trace of it past the North Carolina line; possibly some in Tennessee), extending all the way to Kansas (catching a little bit of Arkansas - sorry, guys) and possibly as far north as Michigan and Ohio. It fancies itself a standard American speech, but is generally spoken most, and most fluently, by those who deem themselves educated and "world citizens." It seems to either bypass or wipe out traditional regional English dialects -- which, I suspect, is why it's never caught on in the deeper South. We don't want it here. You get a slightly deeper version of it out West in California and such -- but it is a definitely identifiable regional variant. I'm picking up bits of it in William's speech. It seems we may be able to count on that bit about him liking America so much. And I don't think he's picked it up from broadcasts, either. There are slangy and informal usages you generally only get from friends and personal associates. Boy, bet that goes over well in the Kensington eateries!

Isn't it nice to have a double degree in linguistics and Latin, plus a whole bunch of reading on the subject?

The Great William Hunt continues. I will not make it easy for you guys. But I will be fair. To both the hunters and the hunted.

It just warms the cockles of my heart to see young love-stricken ladies chasing down serious intellectual information in the search for their heart's desire.....

Can you catch him?