The Truth.

I'm me.

I analyze with my own eyes.

I have been taught to think, and I enjoy it. At this point, I literally do not give a flying fuck whether you agree with me or not.

I enjoy putting pieces together. It seems I do it automatically. I come up with things nobody else seems to. And quite frankly, it's embarrassing me.

I'm neither hateful nor snotty, just honest and good at taking care of myself. If you have a problem with that, it is precisely that. Yours.

I am also not some unique superbright genius who alone can do what I do. That didn't work in fifth grade when the teacher didn't want to be bothered with the responsibilty of answering my questions, and it does not work now. These are learned skills. This site exists to teach them. Period.

Anyone who believes otherwise chooses not to speak to me as a human being. We all have one vote in the cosmos. Nobody stepped down and gave me two. Or any other number. I don't do pedestals. I've hated them since Mrs. Pate's class. I always will.

I look so good on this site because I have put one holy hell of a lot of hard work into it. My soundoffs on William sound so good because I have put thousands of hours into source analysis and background digging to get the truth on one of the greatest stories of our time: A boy who when he was eleven was photographing just as royally and haughtily as Queen Victoria ever did.

My "wonderful" fiction writing has literally been hatching for close to 30 years. It don't come in five minutes.

I am neither some "arbitrary" nut nor a unique and wonderful source of information.

I have no damned phone line into Buckingham Palace. Besides, kid's too busy feeding the dogs.

Why am I being punished for being excellent? All I've done is work my butt off.

There are no damned magical emails zipping in and out to the glittery corners of the world.

Just one woman and her ideas.

Give it up! You can't make me not be human!

Either I'm damned because I have different opinions on Tolkien or I'm venerated because I express them well....

Why don't you just let me be who I am?