It's Tara Vs. Irina in 2002!

I'm easily angered. Flame off at me and I just write more. Good way to vent.

So now that I have been publicly accused of mordant bitchiness par excellence, time to make it worse. Time to start the handicapping for Salt Lake City.

Surya's probably turning pro. Lu Chen too. Oh well. Michelle still hasn't shown me a decent left edge.

But little miss Irina Slutskaya was whaling the heck out of it. And those edges are getting tighter by the day.

And eventually even the "artistic" people are going to have to notice.

So, in case anybody needs any ideas on who to be looking out for, check out Irina. She's coming on.

And if you think Tara's going to drop an edge between now and 2002, you're flat damn crazy.

Maybe Vanessa Gusmeroli. She looked like she was handling that bitchy long program of hers well. Yelena Sokolova? She was handling those spins well....oh, come on.

Surprise me.

until the Opening Ceremonies in Salt Lake City! Go, girls!

And it's now been rabid Tara and Irina fans come cruising by!