I am a sugilite freak.

I love the stuff. I drool over it. In fact, I believe a good test for sugilite quality is how much I drool. I love it!

Sug is purple. Sug is the only jewelry I will wear. Sug is the only stuff that feels right on me. Sug is dense in its coloration. There's, like, a million colors in there. It's like you could bite it off and eat it.

My first piece of sug was cheap at $150. Gorgeous deep purple. I gave it to a friend who lost it in a fire. My second piece was in a ring. Gave it to another friend. This third piece is for me. It hangs on a piece of cord. It is mine, mine, mine! I do believe it likes me.

Sug has a personality. All stones do. But sug tends to be very deep and meditative and speak things in an astoundingly resonant tone of voice. (If you don't believe me, perhaps you're not listening.) Sug has lots of wisdom about life. Sug makes me feel stable.

Sug is worth its weight in Prozac and then some. A lot of some. Sug is just really cool.