Is It Really There If The Fans Don't See It?

Is Todd Eldredge really skating well?

Or did he just fall in Nagano and that's the end of it?

Did Ilia's edges suck?

Or was he a great champion in Nagano?

Was Elvis' program boring and lackluster with dropped-out jumps, or was it...

One of the greatest technical performances ever turned in?

For everyone who might agree with me on the above topics, there are 25 more who do not.

I have years in the sport. They may cheerfully admit to never having set foot on the ice.

But, "That's what the commentators said. You're obviously wrong."

"Why don't you just give up?"

"You don't know skating."

"You don't know the ice."

The woman who said that to me with such complete confidence wasn't sure if they had little wheels on the blades.

"Blades? That doesn't make sense. How would they maneuver?"

Is it them or is it us?

I am voting that it's us. My eyes don't deceive me that often.

My body remembers the edges.

My memory isn't all that bad.

Why does anyone who knows anything about skating get put down by someone who does not?

"Kerrigan was better. At least every American thinks so."

By those words, skating does not exist.

I prefer not to have put my life into something that does not exist.

Against all the polls, I will believe that skating does exist.

That those who participate in it at a high level are intelligent human beings who deserve to be treated as such.

That they know the difference between wit and hatred.

That I am not the one pumping out the hatred.

As one of the biggest bitches on the Net once told me, "Life is about taking a chance."

Go fuck yourself, Lee.