Hard-Core Rap

I love this stuff. Deal with it. I just positively do.

At least they're being honest.

Okay....mommies....get your little babies off this page. We tend more toward the Frank Zappa side of the debate than we do the Tipper Gore side.

And if you don't know what that means, tough. I've got a life to live. So do your kids. Get your act together or quit complaining. Right goddamn now. Don't expect me (or anyone else on the Net) to raise your kids. They're listening to this stuff anyway. We may as well talk about it.

Yes, I do not have a Sunday-school mouth. If you have problems with that and your kid is on this page, you have some fucking serious problems. I no longer take the blame for your complete yuppie inability to manage your own life. Grow up. Pull the computer plug (and make sure it stays there). Or get a godamn Net Nanny. Or something.

Are the rest of us ready to talk?

(I will continue this essay later.)