Her Queen Mumness

Has anybody else noticed that this woman is the only one consistently in public discussion referred to by her proper title, or at least some semblance of it?

Now yeah, I know, she has the same name as her daughter. Elizabeth. But shouldn't mother have had rights to the name first?

Nope. It's "Liz" when you're talking about the one in Buckingham Palace. Andrew. Wills. Harry. Charlie.

I think the most disrespectful term I have ever heard, and the slangiest, for the old woman who engendered the whole doggone bunch of them is "the Queen Mum."

Now yeah, that's a clumsy title, and probably the easiest one to refer to her by, but come on. You get my point. "Liz?" Never. Even if we knew what she had been called as a child, would we dare descend to the depths of referring to her as the equivalent of "Lilibet?" I think not. No way. Can't convince me of that one.

There's just something about this woman.

Ya gotta hand it to this lady. In fact, ya gotta admire her. It's almost a cliche.

Shouldn't it be?

She just keeps going.

She knows whatever she does affects others. And never forgets people. I like that.

I get the impression she thinks clearly. Always has. And isn't afraid to act. Good lady.

Real good lady.

I will never forget reading that a bunch of royal photographers got together once and bought her a silver bowl.

See, you can get along with them. You really can.

We seem in all our hurry and rush to have forgotten to treat others as human beings. Her Queen Mumness seems to be a good role model for that.

Yeah, yeah, you hear about her having opinions and knowing how to get her way. Sounds human to me. That is a royal court, not a kindergarten playgroup. Or have you forgotten how political playgroups can get?

Somehow I cannot imagine her using William and Harry as publicity playthings and ignoring their feelings the way.....no, no. I'm trying to be nice.

But all I have to say is if you don't throw her an even bigger funeral, I am flying over and cussing every last one of you out.

Door to door. Personally. Get ready. And I'll even buy a tribute mag.

I promise.

There's this really cool Queen Mother page with a message board included right here.