Diana Poth: The Specialist.

Diana Poth specializes in one thing: Making it look easy.

She doesn't have time for all these cutesy athletic feats that show how hard you worked. She's an old-time gal, and is willing to wait until the judging comes around her way.

But she ain't going to change. Not for me, not for you, not for anybody.

You remember the prima donna at the ballet? That's Diana. Everything in the service of her art.

And it's worth watching.

Thank you, Hungary.

Um.....have they decided where they're going to have the Olympics in 2006 yet?

Diana already knows. She's got the advance word.

Someplace where they can build her a nice podium.

Good test to see if you really were "doing it right" all along as far as judging was concerned: How many friends do you have, or other acquaintances, or whatever, who can testify that you have jumped up and down about Diana Poth at least three times in public? In private? Wherever the opportunity came up?

Award yourself a gold star. You deserve it.