Pop The Wolf Whistles

I have been in love with Viktor Petrenko for years.

I'm sorry. He whipped the damn stuffing out of Paul Wylie.

Get over it. He's good.

Sheer sense of style. He has literally stood up to Olympic coaches about what should and should not be in his routines. He knows himself.

And it has saved him on more than one occasion. Whee-HOO!!!

Whee-HOOOOO!!! (Blatant two-fingered whistle.)

He doesn't just sit there and let those Slavic cheekbones rot. He does something with them. He really does.

And he has never intentionally dropped an edge in his life.

Five Minutes To Ice Time.

Think about your strong points. What are you going to sell to the audience? Your strengths are the catch basin and those first two cameras. They go worldwide.

Never forget where you came from.

And stay away from the goddamn boards, willya? Thanks.

"Ladies and gentlemen, from Ukraine, Viktor Petrenko!"