And Now For The Rest Of You

I have gone off as hard as I can on improper standards in technique and treatment of skaters. This is deliberately at the bottom of my comments list. You've had to work hard to get here. And yet I'm sure there are those of you who have not heard a fucking word.

You do not care about the skaters as human beings. Never have. Probably goddamn never will. I will ignore any email to the contrary, simply because you're capable of turning around and saying the opposite thing in five minutes flat.


I've timed your kind.

I hate your kind.


I have issued disclaimers. I have deliberately tried to run you off my site. You're still here.

You have no discernible knowledge about skating except what the media feeds you. Your own hormones. And your desire to sound good.

You have run me off skating boards now three times. Hatefully. Deliberately. Indeed, I do believe, motherfucking gleefully. Each time you had no clue why you did it. (And no, those last two sentences are not contradictory. Human nature is really that bad sometimes. Yes. Honest to gosh. Some of us have you assholes figured out.) I offended your opinions. You could only yell. You know nothing about skating. And you can no more match up the different names I registered under than you can spot a genuine flutz. (And I dare to continue with that statement even now that I have deliberately and openly stated comments on both. Complete and technical descriptions. Takes guts to miss that one....) Flutz is an expert call. Catching ISP's is a dummy maneuver. You flunked both. Fools. Never mind the compassion standards and not being able to spot your favorite skater under a fake name (now that one took talent, OhMyGoshIWillNotSayTheName).

People like you kill skaters with your remote controls, your junk food and your inane ideas. I have seen skaters literally, literally go crazy trying to please you.

Leave. Just leave.

And stay there. Nevermore to return. And eat your tapes.

Since when do you have to have a password to bash a skater?

Answer me that one.

Hotmail and Yahoo are both real good places to get throwaway email addresses. You will be required to list one when you sign in. Apparently they don't want anybody spoiling their scream sessions.

But what they won't throw people out for is a disgrace...just a motherfucking disgrace...

And sometimes bad language is more about hatred than it is about Anglo-Saxon.....