What Makes a Skater?

Forget the judging rules. You can find them elsewhere.

This is what it takes.

Sheer determination. Willingness to sacrifice your life to earn those precious edges. And the will to make it look good on the ice.

No edges, no skater. Sorry, guys. That's what it is.

You've read the edges blurb by now. Left, right. Inner, outer. Back, front. Six words that make your life. Become part of your brain. And take over your feet.

Then you start thinking about dance. Not bopping around on the ice with no control. (I will not mention names. I will not mention names. I will not mention names.) I mean years of the kind of hard, disciplined work that makes the impossible look easy. (Shall I start naming names?) And if your dance tells you one thing and your figure skating tells you another, listen to your figure skating unless you're ready to quit and go on Broadway. (No. No. No.....) And I don't mean your skating coach. I mean your skating. Every skater knows what their body is telling them. If they'll listen.

Now you think about costuming. What makes what you're doing look good? You. Not her. Not him. Not them. You.

Do it for yourself. You'll be all right.

Got it? Good.

You've got to be kidding. It takes edges?