James Joyce

This man is not normal.

Listen to this: "not yet, though all's fair in vanessy, were sosie sesthers wroth with twone nathanjoe." (Finnegans Wake, Book I, 2nd paragraph.) That is English. Written in the first half of this century. I promise.

But isn't it great? This man is a genius. I say that about very few people. Genius these days is about hype, unfulfilled panic, or fatuousness. Not a finished, completed work that is acknowledged as such by a steadfast group of people. With no real arguments that cannot be written off to ignorance. God, I love this guy!

I could stand here and quote this stuff all day long. "...plus the usual bilker's dozen of dowdycameramen." (p. 435) How much more do you need to say? Could have come out of the headlines. Most of my favorite Diana quotes (that I didn't make up myself) come from Finnegans Wake. It's just so good.

You're not supposed to get through it in one reading, children. My edition (the Penguin Books edition) has 628 pages, most of which have to be heavily translated. Even into standard English. Generally takes two or three times to make it through. But it's worth it. Like turning the compost of your soul. Chowing down on excellent organic food. (Okay, you spit out a few seeds....)

The last words on that 628th page are, "Paris, 1922-1939." Seventeen years to produce this baby. And y'all A Royal Love Affair fans think I write slow.

"Whence. Quick lunch by our left, wheel, to where." (p. 260) Sounds like Di and the boys going through the drive-thru at McDonald's to me.

I am not nearly done with this. I have a webring slot to maintain (and first to apply for, and get). And I have a love of this stuff to spill out. This stuff is great! Don't you think so?

Good. I'm doing my job.

Y'all are supposed to be getting interested. I used to be a teacher. I know my stuff.

I know how to sell things I love.

So did James Joyce.

A toast.....

(Copyright 1939 by James Joyce, copyright renewed by George Joyce and Lucia Joyce, 1967. Have fun.)