Awright Everybody -- Nagano's Over. Back to Work!

Here I once again pretend that every eligible skater in the international realm is logging in or is somehow picking up on what I'm saying.

Hey. There are worse things I could be doing. Keeping up with Monica Lewinsky, for instance.

I strongly believe in cross-training. This is for all skaters.

There were very bad edge problems in the dance competition that were echoed all the way across the board. Get a rulebook. Get a dance coach. Preferably a Russian or a crazy Eastern European.

Rhythm and Blues. Golden Waltz. An OD Jive. From the following list. Get a partner. A good one.

Some of these are out of even the extended '50s - '60s jive period. But they're good.

If you have other music recommendations, stick to them. I gave them to you for a reason.

I saw massive front and outer edge problems. Go back to the first three figure exercises in your applicable rulebook. They're there for a reason. Get a good figure coach. And get those babies round! And snap those edge changes! You too, Tara. I saw some slips.

Everybody. Get a look at the requirements for the ladies' long program. Get going. Not just book requirements. "We all know" requirements. Scott Hamilton-type TV-viewer requirements. Clean edges. Check your own edges. You know how to by now. Everybody.

Everyone. Pick another skater as mentor. Get them to help you. For a year. Do three things they say. Need not be in your own discipline. The person you've always wanted to be like. Sometimes only a skater can coach other skaters.

Now let's do some skating!

Make up a routine of your own to one of these three songs:

And attempt -- at least once -- Bob Seger's "Her Strut." Preferably studio version. Kiss' "Rock And Roll All Night" is not as good. Both push you.

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What? You're kidding.