The Japanese Jumping Bean

Once again, I didn't make it up. But the Steel Chrysanthemum should take it as a compliment.

Swing that free leg. Brace for takeoff. "It's a mystery." "I don't know how she does this." "Could it be her faith?"

Later on this page we will walk, step by step, through an "M-axel." No, that name was not created during the Nagano Games. It far predates the M-Wave speed-skating arena. Far. What, '91? Anybody hear it previously? I know I didn't. I'm alert to language usage. They were afraid to memorialize her before that. I do believe.

The M-axel is the most painfully correct triple axel technique on the planet.

Tonya has nailed it twice.

Elvis has nailed it once.


Once, I said.





I said once, boys, once!!!!

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"I am not believing that was a triple axel until I see it on tape."