Go Laetitia!

Ya gotta admire Laetitia. She's been through everything in the world and still keeps skating. Those legs of hers should literally not be holding up.

Every time she gets on the ice, it's another step forward. I literally believe this girl sees a World Championship in front of her eyes every time she steps out on a rink. One step closer. One more day behind her. Where's the podium?

When you're ready for it, Laetitia, it'll be ready for you. Don't get alarmed because sometimes it doesn't happen quite so fast.

Look at Surya. Look at Surya hard.

Sometimes it just works that way. Give it time.

Laetitia is a very elegant, poised skater and it is a living miracle to me that she has not gotten more attention.

What, do you have to beat someone else to look good? Somehow that seems to go against the very nature of this sport.

Sure, award the medals and all, but make sure you watch too. Watching is what skating is all about.

Right, Laetitia? Of course. You knew it all along. So get those legs back up there in midair and keep going.

There is someone out there watching you. And I would appreciate it if more people got the idea....

Five Minutes to Ice Time.

Breathe, Laetitia. Just sit there for a full two minutes and breathe. No one else is around you. You are the only show. It's about time you learned that. Skate for yourself, skate for the blades, and maybe skate for the air.

Get ready to put those legs up in midair, toepick to the ceiling. Remember that. Toepick to the ceiling.

And bring that leg down for those jumps at least halfway down the middle of your body. And keep it there until you're down. That way you will be better on balance.

Just hang in there. You don't have to beat everybody every day.

You are Laetitia. That is enough.

"Ladies and gentlemen, from France, Laetitia Hubert!"