Robert A. Heinlein

It is the greatest insult I have ever heard in my life.

"Your mathematical intuition froze solid the day you matriculated."

It may not be exactly accurate, but that comes from having memorized it the minute you saw it in Robert Heinlein's newest book. One character says it to another in the first chapter or so of The Number Of The Beast. This book is one of Heinlein's greatest writings, and half the reason I didn't marry that boy in college was the fact that he thought it was utter trash. Sorry. I knew better. Thanks for saving me, Bob.

Okay, okay, okay, it wasn't as good as " -- And He Built a Crooked House." But then, let's face it, what is?

Heinlein. Science fiction. Heinlein. Science fiction. Heinlein. Science fiction.

I believe you get the point.

You do not know science fiction until you have devoured at least ten Heinlein novels. I know the man gets a little crotchety with some of his views. Forgive him. He really was trying to be nice to women. He just never knew how to go about doing it.

The man is my mentor. The man is one of those few stellar, stellar authors who has had the privilege of saying they have taught me how to write.

Leslie Charteris.

Robert Heinlein.

Thomas Wolfe.

Hunter S. Thompson.

You get the idea.

(I left out Anne McCaffrey for a reason -- I will pay the woman back for those endless, dripping dragon novels....)

Words are bullets. Use them well. The government will give you more if you do.

(Sigh...too much Starship Trooper......)

No. Seriously. The list.

The Green Hills of Earth. (Story collection.) Friday. Stranger In a Strange Land. The Number Of the Beast. Time Enough for Love. Anything else in the Future History (or whatever they call it) series. 6XH (as I believe they're publishing that story collection these days -- Madeleine L'Engle, run for your hat) Lord. Just anything. Pick it up and read it.

You will be educated.