What is William Going to Have to Do?

I will tell you right now. This is an outline page until I get those links in. I'm just making this a non-blank page and letting you know what's coming.

Let's look at some sources on the monarch's responsibilities:

1. Royal.gov -- QEII's duties and whatever else.
2. Monarchist Association of Canada -- whatever I can find.
3. Whatever else.

Plus look cool in a sports jacket. That's a lot.

Let's throw in some more:

1. Actors' Workshop Online.
2. Dealing with screaming girls.
3. Looking good in clothes.


1. Constitutional law.
2. British history.
3. British economics.


The commonwealth.

Plus flirt, kick a soccer ball, and eat pizza. Watch MTV and catch a snooze.

Oughta keep him busy.

University: The possibilities.



Aw hell. Carolina.