I Hate Myself For Loving You

The ultimate dance song. You have to have the tango down to master it, and once you have the tango, you have everything. Every edge has to be perfect. Every line has to be unarguable. Else the whole thing looks stupid. It really does.

This is not a test song. It is what you work toward. Every fingersnap, every line must be perfect. Feet must be moving at least 8-10 times per second. Arms must look "don't care" and must be in perfect unison with the feet. The head can't miss. Otherwise everything else goes tumbling.

Try modern outfits. Jeans. Black. Anything. Just not too "skatey." It's not a classical line and dance song. It is a body motion song. Anything too deliberately put-together will ruin it. Don't think Elvis Stojko. Think Bruce Springsteen.

Your edges must be perfect.

That is all.

Oh. And look boppy.

The fans'll eat it up.