Glass Ceiling? What Glass Ceiling?

She landed it.

In front of, as we used to say, "God, everybody, and nine Olympic judges."

Gorgeous. One-foot landing.

Clean rotations all the way.

"I don't like her hair. That costume is ugly."

I'm sure she didn't like yours either. And you're criticizing her in that outfit? God.

The difference is. She has a triple axel. You don't.

Back where I came from, a triple axel meant you almost could skate. Next up the ladder was the "easy" quad lutz, the easiest of the quads for properly edge-trained skaters. Three of them and you could hold your head up.

But out here in the real world, they're scared of quality. The big jumps, landed properly (and I said properly, children) indicate that you have sufficient edge control to handle your skates well. You don't have to rely on costuming, makeup, or camera placement to make it through your routine.

That don't sit well with the honchos. No, it don't, indeed.

So there Tonya sits. Out of the game. For now.

I don't know about you, but I'd like to see some skating.

It is okay to be a woman and not look like you're about to break.

It is okay to be a woman and know what you're doing.

It is okay to be a woman and run your own life.

Right, Tiffany Chin?

Right, Debi Thomas?

Right, Katarina Witt?

Well, at least one of them has a yellow-colored medal. Took an entire national sports system to get her there, but it happened. Europeans have always valued quality. We're just learning.

Right, Midori Ito?

Right, Denise Biellmann?

Right, Surya Bonaly?

I love the Nike commercial poem they ran during the Olympics. Says it all.

So for the third dang time on this site, I'm linking it in. Maybe we'll get the message someday.

We seem to be more ready to allow the hockey players to do it.

I can fly. So can everyone else. You just gotta do it.

Right, Tara?

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So shall we let the girl skate?