Shut Up. They Deserved It.

Little secret. (I'm full of them, aren't I?) Ain't no better way to motivate a Russian skater than to scream at them. It's how they communicate.

Russians are highly emotional. Very deep. And damn good skaters. They don't feel like they're loved if you don't yell.

By that standard, Pasha must be swimming in love.

It takes a good ego to think you can do anything in this world. Right, Yevgeny? Like be the near-perfect partner for the world's most hated skater?

'Fess up. Do you hate her because she's a flippy little name-changer or because she now has two Big Gold Ones on the dresser? That's what I thought.

Pull a third and you and Irina Rodnina can have it out. Just let me know so I can get a good seat, okay?

Thanks. I'll be waiting.