Gems and Jewelry.

Do we realize how much they affect us? We wear them, praise them, crave them, and somehow devalue them. The largest diamond in the world is in the scepter of the British royals. We bow instinctively. And that sucker was cut down from a larger stone. The momma stone had lots of little babies. We almost reflexively genuflect. Or something. And the Brits still have a good number of those stones. We faint.

What does this mean?

The legend of the Hope diamond.

Liz Taylor's jewels.

What more need I say?

We can wear stones of our own. How do they affect us? To have a piece of the land sparkling on your body. It's like a part of you. I love sugilite. I also love rose quartz. I also love malachite/azurite. Good pieces of which can all be found for under ten bucks. Time was when I wore a good bit. I don't now. When I do, I'm into sugilite. Why? Beads. How do they complement this? And how do we adorn our stones? So we can see them. I've seen silver work. I've seen macrame. I've seen plain raw cord. We heal ourselves by claiming a piece of the earth for ourselves. What is this? Yes, it's pretty. Yes, it's fun. That's part of it. Do we just feel more comfortable with the earth near us?

What is it about rock? Still haven't figured it out. And I live in the mountains.

But it's something. Isn't it?

Coming: Diamond.

Pretty little things, aren't they?