A Decent Fantasy Novel

I have very strong tastes in fantasy novels. Not many people can write them well. Don't flatter yourself that with a dreamy and romantic imagination, a couple of pewter (or porcelain or whatever) dragon thingys sitting on your computer for inspiration, and a bunch of time to kill, you can do it. It takes thought. It takes meditation on the archetypes. It takes all kinds of things. I may or may not be able to do it. That is perhaps not my decision. All I know is I have to try. This is going to be fun. This is going to be fun as all hell. And if I'm ever going to live out one of my stated life goals, that of giving Mercedes Lackey a run for her everloving money, this is the time to do it. So ho. Here we go. Whee!!!

Again, I'm sure you know what the copyright rules are. If not, they are listed on other fiction pages. I'm going to be mean.

Chapter 1

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Aaagh! Not another crappy sword-and-sorcery book!