Sometimes the best way you can get it all out is through fiction writing. I have put a lot into this site, and into my study of the royals over the last few years, and have done a lot of observation of our culture in general.

I have not done any straight fiction writing for a while, but have been concentrating on my website. Website writing is a lot different.

Time to get back in shape.

This is copyright by me. As is everything else. Remember what I said on the first page.

I don't promise updates all the time. Just when I need to, and when the story needs to move forward.

A word about characters. Obviously some of these people exist. They may be doing what the story indicates they are doing. They may not. We have no way of knowing. But I am writing this as fiction. Just that.

All this is is a playing with ideas and characters. I make no implication whatsoever that any of this is true. There is tabloid journalism and there is literature. There is a big, big difference.

And, by the way, some things may seem inconsistent at this point. Give me time. I'll explain. This is a story, not a FAQ. Thanks.

Have at it.

Chapter 1

So what do you think?

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