Fiction. Novels. Stuff like That.

Hmmm...What do we have here now, four novels started and one promised?

That is indeed a good beginning.

First off, the original royal novel on these pages, A Royal Love Affair. Starring several members of the British Royal Family and suchlike. Check here.

Second, my pride and joy science-fiction series. This will at some point be a 77-novel series. I have begun typing in the first one, When The Going Gets Easy. The second one I have scheduled to type in (not the second in the series, but the one that wants to be typed in second, and no, I can't get the text converter to work right and besides, I enjoy hand-typing it) will be Strange Dreams, in many ways my baby because it was the first one in the series I actually started working on. I am damn proud of it. There is one line in there that I literally ripped out and then went nuts because I knew it was so damn good I could really, honestly be a big-time writer. I am very, very happy about that. (By the way, I have ditched all plans to try to "go professional" and get paid-published with this stuff. I enjoy writing it to be read by people who like it, and I refuse to feed this damn media culture anymore. You want it, come get it here.)

Third, a cute little fantasy series (well, it's going to be a series when it gets older and gets some growth on it) that is my answer to every snotty, fakey fantasy writer out there. (And there are plenty.) There is not too much yet, but it's at least a starter. More is coming. Here.

Fourth, a nice little hard-core science fiction novel will one day be blossoming here.

I haven't even started typing in the skating novel yet. Give me time.

A primer on copyright.

At some point, I will also have how-to stuff that I have been developing on writing and stuff. I don't like a lot of the writing instruction out there, and I have been working on some of this stuff for long enough that I believe I know what I'm doing. So there. It's coming.

The standard policy on updates is that they will happen when they happen. I can no longer promise "by this time or that time." When The Going Gets Easy appears to be moving fastest right now, probably because I have almost finished that first novel and have a whole, whole bunch more ready to go. So I'm enthusiastic about it, having fun, and sitting there typing it in every once in a while. Sorry, Royal Love Affair people. It'll happen when it happens. I haven't forgotten you. I promise.

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