The Fergster. There Will Never Be Another.

A mother's got to do what a mother's got to do.

No matter how hard it wears out her passport.

Look at it this way. Those little girls are getting a heck of an exposure to foreign travel.

Isn't it great?

Redheads never get any respect. Right, Harry? I can certainly back that up. I mean, there's the old joke, "What's the mating call of the blonde? 'I'm so drunk.' What's the mating call of the brunette? 'Has that blonde twit left yet?' What's the mating call of the redhead?"

All together. "Next!"

Come to think of it, that's a compliment. They just don't want to admit it.

I'm just redheaded enough to fit into the category whenever somebody wants to slam me for my attitude. When they like me, or when they are admiring my milder side, I'm a blonde. Sorry. I officially declare myself a redhead in sympathy with two very-much-put-upon royals.

Deal with it. It was that color when I was younger. And if you look closely, it is most certainly there now. It's just playing its blonde game so it can get by with things.

Sometimes redheads gotta go for it.

Whether it's chocolate profiteroles or what.

They don't leave us much room, do they?

And if I could guarantee myself the figure in a power suit I've seen The Ferg cut, I'd be quite happy. Quite. Maybe she has to do the Weight Watchers thing to make money. Support her children. Buy those airline tickets.

But whatever. Not mine to criticize. By the way, some of those frozen dinners are real good. I remember from my diet days. Before I gave up and let my body balance itself out to its normal weight all by itself.

But if it works for you, fine. If you like NutraSweet. I prefer my sugar straight. I don't think it's as damaging. Opinion again. And Fergie's backing it up. Must be doggoned proper in the old country, what?

Ah well. I'll quit hacking on The Ferg for a while and just indicate some links I may get around to in the next few days.

Links. What do you do for links on this woman?

You run through the redhead sites on the Net and decide that most of them are too damn disrespectful of a woman's image to be included on a page like this. There is a place for disrespect, perhaps. But not here. Not when I'm trying to deal with one of the most maligned women in the international media. But this should do.

Meanwhile, go have one of those fudgesicles. Pretty damn good, if you ask me.

Sarah page. Right here. Go for it!