Family, Sweet Family

Unlike some other people, I make no claim to knowing what is going on in this boy's life. (As for you, dear, your sources must be hellacious. If you put all those "absolutelys" and "of courses" and "certainlys" on paper, you'd be whipping Andrew Morton's butt on royalties. What a waste -- giving it to us for free!) But we can at least try to analyze. And I have every bit as much right as you do, so shut up.;

How much help can family be to him at a time like this? The relationship had better already be established. He needs a solid line to hang onto, not a bunch of weak threads. I have seen many old families close ranks at a time of crisis. I hvae also seen boarding kids have hallmates and dorm mothers as their only source of support. Believe me, you find out quick.

How much is publicity cover and how much is truth? The answer lies in one boy's heart. They know millions are watching. Billions. We may never know.

Whom does he love? Whom does he rely upon? Only those in question can tell, and perhaps not even then -- adolescents know how to keep adults' high opinions. All we can do is trust this boy's instincts.

He's royal. He'd better have some.

Adolescents know who will help. Who is trying to use them for social gain. Who is trying to buy them. Who just doesn't care.

Especially if they were raised in a highly manipulative environment like that. I'm betting on one thing: This boy's instincts are razor-sharp. You cannot lie to a kid.

Most of us have forgotten that.