The Ted Kaczynski Memorial Journal Page And Other Such Stuff.

You know half the reason Ted Kaczynski was convicted was that he was different.

That's all it was.

We've let people who did a hell of a lot worse go because they were cool or they fitted our societal standards in some way.

I'm sorry, but I have some respect for a Harvard man who actually did something with his education besides fatten his damn bank account.

He lived his beliefs. He went out there and thought, and decided to back up his words with actions.

You know, if more people did that, we'd have a hell of a lot healthier society today.

And I include the people around Kaczynski who must have made him feel incredibly, incredibly lonely at some point.

And the people who are whining over how horrible and terrible a person Kaczynski is now can just look at themselves and see what they might have done to cause this devastation.

If they are really terribly sorry about the mess of a man (to quote what seems to be the gist of their ideas) that he has turned into, then they can start by being a hell of a lot nicer to someone around them.

I challenge each and every physical or emotional victim of a Kaczynski bombing to make the effort today, whenever, preferably damned soon, to reach out to somebody in this society whom they think is unutterably weird and ask them why they are like they are.

A thirty-minute conversation.

Including only the following words:

Let the person talk for the rest of the thirty minutes.

You are required to listen. You are required to go out and do one of the things they suggest. That, quite frankly, is the best medicine I can think of for ensuring that another lonely, unappreciated person will not feel the need to resort to tactics such as this to get their point across.

Now I am quite aware that this is not exactly a memorial page because Ted Kaczynski is not yet dead. He is being allowed to live out his life in a way which he probably thinks is quite suitable. Alone at the heart of society. In a high-security federal prison, most likely.

I am just so furious...just so furious...since when is it okay to make fun of your smartest, best, and brightest people while they are growing up (and did that brother of his really ever, ever have any conception of what Kaczynski was like?) and then turn around and punish them for what happens when they quite justifiably feel unlistened to and that they must speak out or make a stand in some way?

Maybe I'm fortunate. I'm a writer. I can do it with that.

Each person judging Ted Kaczynski now who has never in their little old life felt like blasting the living daylights out of someone who has quite righteously (and I have read the Manifesto -- one of the most logical and articulate pieces of writing I have ever, ever, ever encountered on the Net) irritated the living shit out of them can just go home.

Now that we've cleared the courtroom....

What else is there to say? What else is there to say?

The Truth.
Dream Interpretation.