A Few Words In Defense of Corgis

Corgis are small things. Corgis snap at you. Corgis shed.

Is this all?

Then why is there an honor guard of them around Queen Elizabeth II and half her family at all times? Are these little doggies packing secret British Intelligence microwave devices capable of sniffing out anyone who isn't prepared to curtsy properly? Anybody who harbors secret republican ambitions?

Doggone, those things must cost a lot to feed. Silver bowls and all. My heavens. My stars. My anything else you want to name.

Those dogs must be something.

It strikes me that, as dog sizes go, corgis are roughly about the size of England. Maybe with a little bit of Scotland thrown in and some shedding around the Channel Islands. Cool dogs. They even know how to look like the land they guard.

So why is this woman having such a hard time?

Is it so wrong to want to go cry for a while when your vexatious, problematic, beloved daughter-in-law dies?

When did it become de rigueur for the royal family to have to parade their grief in front of the cameras?

And why did this sweet lady have to practically get down on bended knee and apologize to the entire Western world (and you know cameras were watching elsewhere) for just being a human being?

Isn't that what you guys wanted out of a sovereign?

So you don't have the one who sheds tears in public any more. That was her nature.

Since when did Britain quit conducting itself with decency, decorum and modesty? Crying in public isn't done. It'll upset the subjects. Teach them it's okay to go hysterical. We must control ourselves. Maybe throw a few things at the wall in private, maybe collect a few Diana tributes, but somebody has to set an example, doggone it.

I think she did a rather nice job of that when she didn't brain the Welsh Guards who were so completely out of step walking beside Diana's coffin.

British tradition? Huh?

Seems like they weren't the only ones out of step.....

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