You Tell'Em, Your Highness!

Possibly one of the most complex royals. And yes, his title is still Prince Edward. He has to look normal. Tough job.

Never forget this boy is a Windsor. Three siblings' worth of IRA bomb and he'd have been the next up. Never forget that. Never.

Starting from the bottom. At one of the most powerful musical organizations in the world. What a contradiction. How many other contradictions are there in this man? Never forget that the two words Prince and Edward belong in the same sentence.

It's almost as if he doesn't matter. The littlest one. The least one. The baby. Hah. He is not a semi-royal. He is not a Lord. He is not a Viscount. HRH's are not to be trifled with.

Just because the man is making a show of independence doesn't mean he is not part of the Crown. Beware.

What is royal protocol? What are the niceties here? I guarantee there are some things this man will not put up with. Andrew will be right behind him. Anne will offhandedly agree. Charles will wonder why anyone ever questioned it.

Watch Edward. Watch William. Watch Zara. They are the ones on the borderline between public and private, I get the feeling. They are the ones, I think, being asked to determine in their everyday lives what is acceptable and what is not. I just have this feeling from watching them. This is where the walls of Windsor Castle go up. This is the drawbridge. These are the ways to pass through the drawbridge.

And based on almost nothing more than that, watch out. They are probably the very ones cruising the Net hardest. Examining the world. Interacting. Talking to people.

And shutting up at the most very interesting moments.

I couldn't find him again. I don't think I've seen him since. But, god DAMN it, I'd bet this site that was Edward.

Very well put, Your Royal Highness.

Very well put indeed.

Guys, I think I'm getting the hang of spotting them. I have no proof. None. But there's this tone -- disguised in the most utterly marvelous ways.

I hear that tone and I see the lawns of Windsor Castle.

Always something to say. Never wasted.

And there are other clues that make it almost too easy....if I'm at all right....

If they wanted to be known, they'd announce themselves. But sometimes just a trace of fanfare, a hint of the bagpipes, could hardly be inappropriate.

Just watch what you say, guys. Just watch what you say!

You never know who the next posting in the thread will be by....

Are we running them off?


The Really Useful Company, Inc.

And the Duchess of Nova Scotia has this blowaway little Edward page that also includes a message board and a page on Sophie Rhys-Jones, Edward's companion and possible future wife. Which she has been assiduously laboring over for weeks and weeks now, trumpeting every little bit of progress and defense of this particular bit of the Crown. If her pages aren't the damn best on the Net, it's not this particular royalist's fault! Wowee! Even I'm impressed!

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