Dream Interpretation

Let your dreams talk to you.

Your dreams are your mind trying to talk to you.

Traditional methods have never worked for me. What I do is just experience them. Let them talk to me. And see what I find.

Dreams may communicate in many ways. You can't ignore any of them. It is yourself dialoguing with yourself. If nothing makes sense, let it go. There may be some later. And meanwhile you're having fun. (Admit it. You are.)

Just listen.

Nightmares: Just ride through it. There's a reason they're happening. Maybe there's something you're not ready to face. Give it time. It'll be okay. Just go through it.

I can find no other way to describe it. Just let it go. At least you know you're working on it and sometimes the pressure on the subconscious is eased considerably merely by that attention.

Take your dreams seriously. They are part of you.