Why Am I Doing This?

Because I am sick of it.

I have had it with the state figure skating is in.

When fans cannot tell a flip from a lutz...when judges think the only judging standards are inside the bedroom.....and when the best skaters are routinely dropping out of the sport because they can't take it any more....it's time to do something.

This used to be a decent sport. Will it be again?

I've put my entire life into this. I'm not giving up now.

I will keep yelling until Nancy Kerrigan's edges are better than Tonya Harding's. And not because Tonya gave up.

Until I do not have to deliberately insult name skaters to attempt to flag down their attention. To get them to skate better. Please.

Until a group like the Wildcats can not only be recognized but celebrated. And maybe even have a shot at the Olympic team.

Until fans know what is going on.

Until I can look at a US team and know that it is truly the best our country has to offer. When so many small countries sacrifice so much to get skaters to the Games, how can we even think to send skaters who cannot live up to the very standards set up in our own country 20 years ago?

You're dang straight the Japanese wouldn't do this.

I also want to vent some long-pent-up emotions. I just need to vent. Everybody else cries on the Web. Why can't I?

It's my turn now. I will yell because it's good for my lungs.

And because I want to help skating. I love to write. I'm finally finding subjects I like to write about. What I know.

I really don't care whether you believe me or not. Somebody will. It can't all be a fairy tale, can it?

I have given up publicizing this site through regular skating means. Let them find me. My hit counter is rolling. Let the Diana fans listen. At least they'll be able to watch skating better. When others are ready to believe me, they will. I shout because it feels good. And if you believe you won't get skaters and coaches clicking in, you won't. Simple as that.

Somebody has to do something.

It's my voice. I'll speak. I answer to myself.

The heaviest burden of all.

I've seen too many skaters die in my arms. Anorexia. Nerves. Hatred that translated into other injuries. The sequins and the pretty colors are costing too much.

I will not see it happen again.

The next death is not on my soul.

If I had not started this site, I could not say that.

Not even the Russians are fielding the best team they could. Not to mention everyone else. I see only one US skater who is worth yelling for and a couple who are busting their butts to get there. From the land of Peggy Fleming, that's pretty damn pitiful.

Oh God. Here I go. My famous spiel. This'll really blow my identity. Not one US skater since Peggy has had the edges for an Olympic gold medal. Not one. Bought judges. Network pressure. You name it. Not one. Not one.

Other countries are getting sick of this. Real sick.

Why aren't we?

Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one.

Get the point yet? Good. Not one. Up until now.


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