What Shall We Do with William?

Keep him?

Let him run loose?

Keep taking pictures of him, or what?

Cute kid. Probably broken a few camera lenses. Zap. A flip of the butt. Another Nikon disintegrates.

Oh well. It was worth it. They've got the footage.

Grab another out of the camera bag and keep going.

Imagine how many lenses Di broke during her career.

Zap. Flip. Shatter. Glass shards in front of Kensington Palace. Wonder if there were any left under the roses.

Best tribute of all.

That or bury the credit cards -- all of them -- in a sidewalk. Energize the shopping district for decades.

Now that's talent.

These Spencers have got a butt-flipping talent unheard of in the Western world.

Did Elizabeth do any of this?


Is it in the family?

What shall we do? Except sweep up the glass?

How much energy does it take to feed a talent like that?

Kick a few soccer balls, crack a few lenses, go back to his room.

A good day's work.

Can even Eton's renowned diet keep him going?

Or do even the roast beef, veg, and puddings fail, and leave him with nothing to do but send out for McDonald's?

Who brings it, the dog?

In exchange for a bite?

Does he demand his own Coke?

Do they fit dogs for tailcoats? Or do they just leave off the tails? T'would seem sensible. Already got one.

Zap. Flip. Another cussing photographer.

Another 100,000 screaming girls.

Good investment all around.

Especially for the girls. They don't have to do anything but scream.

Seems like a fair trade to me.

Wonder what the boy does in his spare time. Oh, for a few strategically placed mikes.

Zap. Flip. Another royal support for industry.

Getting going early, isn't he? Watch it around the diamonds....

Hmmmm. Do they have a Wendy's near Eton, perhaps? Maybe a Burger King?
Or does he have to settle for fish and chips when the Big Macs grow wearisome?