Define Cuteness.

Warning. I am a 34-year-old woman. This is a 15-year-old boy. We have to talk about this sometime. You cannot analyze the massive appeal this boy has without being blunt. Do what you will.

Okay. I'm going to pretend this boy is 28. What would catch my attention about him if I saw him in the street?

Go find five words out of that description (that aren't underlined). Do a free-associate. Put down the first five words you think of for each word. Are you starting to realize how many buttons this boy is pushing? Just for fun, try these five: Elfin. Hundreds. Skates. Anything. Power. And I wasn't even trying to write the description so it would do that.

Once more: Myth. Incredible. Spielberg. Realize. Months.

Again: Premiere. Playing. Impish. Feel. Very.

I'm a good writer. I'm not that good. Don't blame me.

The best sentence I have ever come up with to describe him is:

Like something out of a Tudor court.

I see it most so far in this shot: Do you remember the pictures taken of him and his parents at Harry's sports day at Ludgrove? Where he was wearing the suit? There is one picture that absolutely makes him look like a young Tudor. Coming up soon.

You may want to look at pictures of Henry VIII and other Tudor monarchs until I can find some links. I'm trying.

Is this what we expect out of him? What do you know about the Tudors? What do you want to know?

You tell me, girls. What are you looking for out of this boy?

The boy wouldn't walk like that if he were someone else's child and destined for another job.

What do we want?

Whatever it is, we're asking for it early.

Poor Momma..... (no matter who it is, I tend to pity mommas in this family)