I hate Christianity. So what am I doing inside the Episcopal church?

And you assholes who have no more compassion than to trot out the following lines can go to hell (and you really might be more comfortable down there):

You assholes are the reason I almost didn't come back.

You can bury those motherfucking arguments right now. You're dead. You literally do not exist by your own standards. All you care about is dragging more people in so you can beat on them. I'm almost ashamed to be seen anywhere near a cross.

There is one church that can stand my conscience.

The rest of y'all can go to hell.

One place where I can yell. The rest of you can take your damn Bibles and shove them up your asses (I literally can no longer pick up a Bible, and the next person who puts that on their prayer list dies. Dies.)

It's no longer a case of "oh, how horrible -- let's all go to the Christian rock concert!" Do you not care about the decline in your faith? Do you not give a shit about anything but your own words? You people are the scum of the earth. I sincerely hope that bit about Judgment Day is true because it's going to make life a hell of a lot easier for the rest of us.

You do not acknowledge your own religion. Why the hell should you acknowledge anything else?

And yes, motherfucker, I do mean you. I have wanted to say that for years.

Take your prayer groups and die. Take your fake revivals and choke on them. And take your ugly, illiterate, illogical tracts and put them where they can keep your Bibles company!

All I see from you guys is hate.

Even at my own church:

I literally do not exist for most of the people at my church, and I like it that way. Even then, I couldn't stand the hypocrisy of half the people. Does that tell you how sensitive I am?

Y'all don't even believe your own faith. Go fuck yourselves.

And for those of you who can't stand my language, I can't stand yours either. At least I'm being honest. If that offends you, that tells me a good deal. Door's thataway, asshole.

Now does that make it clear where I stand?

I hate y'all. I really do. I really do.

Get the message? GOOD. FUCK OFF. GOOD. BYE.

I can no longer use verbal prayer. I make cute little rosaries and give them away, and the next person who tries to make me sell them dies too, in the same basket with the prayer-list assholes.

That is literally all I have of the faith. That is literally all I have.

I go to Mass because I feel safe there. I cannot, literally cannot, do the stand-sit-kneel thing.

They've never hassled me.

They don't even hassle me with silent attitudes. I'd be gone. I can spot it in an instant. An instant.

Walked out of churches for less.

They leave me alone, I leave them alone.

Don't talk to me about resurrection. I don't believe in it.

But I do believe in something behind that rosary.

And that's all I believe in.