Charles. Hmmmm. Now What Do You Think About That?

Hmmmm. One of the more interesting figures of our era, and one that has never gotten quite enough attention.

No wonder Diana didn't want him. He was as fascinating as she was.

Jonathan Dimbleby's book. The Prince of Wales. Go read it. I think you'll learn something.

King? Possibly. Good old-time royal who loves digging in the dirt? Definitely.

We'll see. I have my own ideas on the subject, but this man will be a contribution no matter what title they give him.

He has dared to speak out on some issues nobody else would touch. Diana may have made the headlines, but he got the idea first. She at least stole the concept of being a controversial royal.

Is there a serious royalist alive who cannot still remember (or has not had it brought alive for them) the day he went off on London architects? Who else had the background? Who else would have done it?

And I do believe alternative medicine is a lot more accepted now because he started the fight. Yes, the Duke of Edinburgh has had his say on subjects, but that's more day-to-day ranting. Charles made an effort.

Let him have Camilla. He deserves it.

Now let's see how well he can raise these kids. Hope he has a good nanny to help him. And a hickory stick for Wills. And make sure the nanny can reach up that far.

Quiet but lasting change. That seems to be this man's specialty.

The earrings would have looked terrible on him anyway. Never emphasize your most obvious points.

What I can't understand is how two so powerful people could have existed in the same royal house without either one of them being a crowned head of state. I really don't understand that. Generally power crackles at all 360 degrees of the circle: Where there is the scandal, there is the power as well. Oh well. Let him eat organic carrots.

Y'know, I do believe that at some points in that crazy, insane, fabled situation, I would have, indeed, hired extra staff to serve as buffers myself. Much as I hate and despise being fussed over, fawned over, or worried at in the very, very least. My God. Who wouldn't have?

Ground zero for a decade. At least. Wow.

The man is still alive.

Give him some credit....

Here's a real good Charles page with a message board added.