Yo Camilla!

The other side of the Diana equation. A very smart, savvy woman who has kept one of the biggest catches in history. Can any of us imagine the terror she must have felt when Charles married Diana? How could she compete with a little thing like that? Was she too old? Did she still have it?

Apparently, yes. Here's to the wisdom of the older woman. Look at Tina Turner, Katharine Hepburn, Hillary Clinton. Go, girls! None of them spring chickens. All of them proving themselves. None of them afraid. As far as we can tell.

Certainly Tina's short-skirts-and-heels routine takes nerve. But how much more nerve must the riding-pants-and-hat routine take these days?

Sometimes the best way to sing is to stay silent.

Go for it, girl!

Who can comment on the complexities? One is dead. One is surrounded by Royal security. And one just keeps her mouth shut.

Never thought you'd outlive her, did you, hon?

Lord. The woman of scandal. Everyone has an opinion. Probably even the dog. Have Mirror reporters found a way to translate barks?

I bet they're trying. Probably says, "No comment."

To each his own. Maybe she likes big ears.

I was planning some links here. Maybe some will occur to me. But I don't feel like going on a linkfinding cruise right now, and besides I'm trying to straighten these pages up.

Now why does that sound like a totally, utterly, quintessentially Camilla statement?

There's this really neat Camilla page with a message board attached right here.