I love books. I live and breathe books.

They are a natural form of communication.

I read in no order. I review in no order.

I killed my bookstore associate linking. Y'all weren't buying anyway. Maybe you can find them cheaper at home.

And yes, I know about Little Girls in Pretty Boxes. I just haven't gotten to it yet.

Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange. Is simply one of the most brilliant books in English. Period. Yeah, yeah. Read my Austen. Read my Dickens. This guy's good. Makes you think about what the media does to us. What we do to each other. What we do to ourselves. Make sure your copy has the 21st chapter.

Samuel Beckett, Endgame. I'm in love. Simply in love. It's hard to act because there are so few words. Every word means something. You can't fake it. Read it through, maybe act it a little, and it'll knock you into such a state of depression that your system will start naturally reacting to cheer yourself up. Maybe that's what Beckett had in mind.

More coming. I can only type so fast.

Ain't it great?

And I'm not being graded on this, either!

I may at some point try to provide a website per book. No promises.

And here is a page for a whole bunch (I hope at some point) of teen writing pages. Some of these kids truly deserve to be heard. Do you have any idea what kind of talent is lurking out there?

Plus Bibliomania, this really cool site for literary references as well as texts of a whole bunch of cool novels. Some of this stuff either I want to read again or I have not had the chance to get my hands on. Fun stuff!

Fan Pages!!! (Plus a Few of the Opposite)

I love a lot of authors. But three (okay, more than three...) have especially influenced me in my writing, and, let's be honest, in my way of life. Words influence everything else, and everything else influences words.

So, herewith (I love that word, don't I?), the honor roll.

Hunter S. Thompson.

Stephen King.

Robert A. Heinlein.

Thomas Wolfe.

Fan pages coming just as soon as I can get them up. These men deserve them. And what do you mean, there is only one decent Wolfe page on the Web? Aaaaaagh!

Plus. My hate pages. I need to get these out so that some damn idiot will realize that there really is some solid and serious reason not to waste your brain with these idiots. I'm allowed to say what I want on the Net, right? One of my absolute all-time favorite bands, the Spice Girls, has so many hate sites you can't even count them all, right? I'm entitled to retaliate with a bit of my own, right?

Thank you.

First one up, that misbegotten purveyor of tacky fantasy tales, John Ronald Reuel "Reality? What's Reality?" Tolkien.

Warnings are hereby issued to fans of Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, and Anne Rice. For starters.

Oh. Did I forget C.S. Lewis? Too bad...I'll be along about him in a few. Ohhhhh....Narnia is the crappiest piece of fake fantasy literature I have ever read....had at least three good hooks and didn't extend them into the entire series....just for misusing those damn rings alone, the man should be shot...(Oh. Remind me to add to my Tolkien hate page. I could do an entire book on that ring shit.)...and don't even speak to me about Out of the Silent Planet...which reminds me....

Frank Peretti. It must be done. It really must.