Wow. I hang out with them on the message boards. They are nuts about Andrew. We call them Team Andrew. They revel in the name. They get worried about him. They're crazy about him. Wow.

William should have such a fan club. These ladies are constantly solicitous after his well-being, concerned about him, and worried about the negative effects on him of any woman he might date . That's not a fan club. That's a security squad.

And when they jokingly suggested that they could guard him recently, I whipped back with a comment about that being somewhat like the kid guarding the candy store. To rephrase the answer slightly, it came back as something like, "Yup."

They adore this guy.

Sane ladies who are well out of their teens, from what I can observe. They think he's cute. They like the "love handles." They adore this guy.

Hmmmmm. I'd never noticed that he was such a man, but then we all have our opinions. And I find that it is interesting to observe those who care for someone. You learn loads about that person's appeal.

From what I can see, the Duke of York's appeal seems to be partially in the fact that he (besides those dimples, ladies) is very stable and safe. A real good image. And he seems to be that way . Sweet. Unobtrusive. Likable. Solid. And respectable. I guarantee that if you brought up some of the more unsavory rumors one hears every now and then, they would have a solid, appropriate, and hushing reply. They're good at that. Not to polish an image. To defend a man.

I like that.

These are solid ladies who can think well. They are not afraid of expressing their opinions, but they don't go after starting fights and such. Not their type. Just get on with life.

Hm. The more I write, the more I'm learning about Andrew. Or at least about the way he projects.

You don't have to be intellectual to be bright. That's one thing I observe about Andrew. You really don't. And some of the more intellectual people I know really aren't bright at all.

There is a difference.

Hm. Caring vs. drooling.

Not that caring is totally absent in other royals' fan clubs (anybody got any idea whom I'm talking about?), but so often it's not balanced. Some of these ladies fell in love with Andrew young. They already knew the difference.

Perhaps, bringing back that difference is bringing back royalty. Or some part of it.

It's just a thought.....


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